Vít Listík

vit.listik@gmail.com, +420 728 997 867, Prague, Czechia

I'm an enthusiastic software engineer interested in DevOps, web technologies, and machine learning. Currently, I lead a team focusing on logging infrastructure, which is a part of an internal cloud at Seznam.cz. I prefer cooperation and open communication within the team, and I demand code reviews for our codebase.

I am also using convolutional neural networks as part of my Ph.D. research. I focus on email spam detection in cooperation with the Email.cz team. My contribution lies in a multi-dimensional distributed clustering of data extracted from images contained in email messages.


Lead Software Engineer Seznam.cz - infrastructure team
7/2020 - present
I lead an internal logging team (part of Seznam.cz internal cloud - scif.cz).
My key contributions are scaling the solution to reliably and effectively process over a million log messages per second using open‑source (Apache Kafka, Grafana Loki, and ElasticSearch) and in‑house components (mostly written in Golang).
  • Managing people with focus on delivering features and personal growth
  • Implemented high performance Kafka to Grafana Loki sender in Golang
  • Automation - Gitlab CI, Terraform, Kubernetes, and Ansible
  • Cooperating on internal cloud design decisions
  • Solving production on-call incidents
Python/C++ developer Seznam.cz - Email.cz team
7/2014 - 7/2020
Biggest freemail provider in Czech Republic (~50M emails/day)
Anti-spam, Data Processing (Hadoop, Spark), Elasticsearch, Machine Learning (NLP, CNN), Neural Nets (Keras, Tensorflow), Reliable scalable services, Linux
  • Image processing pipeline (Design and implementation, Convolutional NN)
  • Email statistics aggregation pipeline - DB writes optimization (Golang, multi-DC replication)
  • Email security - integration of DMARC, DKIM and SPF
  • Aerospike DB (key-value), Elasticsearch, Hadoop (Map-reduce, Spark), Distributed storage
  • Reading group - organizer, speaker. Created opportunity for others to share knowledge
Freelance Web developer Founder at Web-kladno.cz - ID 87582961
2008 - present
Web applications and presentations - backend (PHP), frontend (JS, HTML5, CSS3)
Complete list of positions - linkedin.com/in/tivvit


Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) Artificial Intelligence
Working on thesis (finished all courses)
7/2015 - present
Topic: Email image spam detection using high-dimensional stream clustering
  • Supervision: Prof. Ing. Václav Hlaváč, Csc. and Ing. Jan Šedivý, Csc.
  • Convolutional NN, Tracking image detection, User reaction prediction, OCR, clustering
CTU, FEL, Software Engineering
Ended by the final state exam
7/2013 - 6/2015
Master Thesis: Detecting Phishing Emails in Czech Language for Email.cz
  • Won Cisco Outstanding Thesis Award 2015
  • Machine Learning (NLP, Bag of Words, Decision trees), Python
CTU, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (FBMI), Biomedical Informatics
Ended by the final state exam
7/2010 - 6/2013
Bachelor Thesis: Algorithms for Signal Processing in Respiratory Care
  • iMon - Real-time measuring of respiratory system parameters (C#, Ni-DAQ, Multithreaded)


All publications - tivvit.cz/research


YAP - Yet Another Pipeline
2019 - present
ML, Pipeline, Golang
2018 - present
Active window tracking, Time management, Statistics, Rclone, Python
2016 - present
Organizing and searching data sets, experiment consistency and repeatability
Based on Goods: Organizing google’s datasets. Python, Flask, OSS, Docker
Web applications and presentations
2005 - present
  • Surfarena.cz - Custom made reservation system for indoor surfing, PHP
  • Presentation websites - Mostly in PHP and JS. Wordpress or custom made CMS
More projects - tivvit.cz and code - github.com/tivvit


Czech - Native speaker
English - Full working proficiency
German - Limited working proficiency
Machine Learning, Data Processing, Scalability, Database systems (SQL, NoSQL), DevOps, Docker, Cloud, Git, Web technologies, POSIX, OSS
Languages: Python, GoLang, PHP, C++, JS
Driving license class B


Programming competitions, Distributed Storage, Rust lang, Bitcoin
Public speaking - tivvit.cz/talks
GDG ČVUT [since 2013] Event organizer - i.e. GDG Garage Prague
Ping-pong, Swimming, Extreme races (Spartan race)
Martial Arts - Systema, Karate (1.kyu) - 3rd-grade trainer, Allkampf-Jitsu (2.kyu), Kickbox (3.kyu)
Digital Photography, Technology, Sci-Fi, TV Series, Go, Ant keeping

You may find latest version of my CV at tivvit.cz/cv and tivvit.cz/cv.pdf.