I'm an enthusiastic software engineer interested in DevOps, web technologies, and machine learning. Currently, I lead a team focusing on logging infrastructure, which is a part of an internal cloud ( at Our solution is processing over a million log messages per second, focusing on reliability, efficiency, and scalability using open-source technologies and in-house build components written mainly in Golang. I prefer cooperation, and open communication within the team and I demand code reviews for our codebase.

I am also using convolutional neural networks as part of my Ph.D. research. I focus on email spam detection in cooperation with the team. My contribution lies in a multi-dimensional distributed clustering of data extracted from images contained in email messages.

I love Google technologies. That is why I joined, a group of people who organize events not only for developers.

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I was tracking my sports activities with Endomondo, which is no longer operational.
I will add a new link after some research of the available services.